The treatment I received at KPT was distinctly different.

"I was devastated when my orthopedic doctor told me I would have to give up running. KPT successfully evaluated and treated my hip injury, and I have been happily running since."—PT Graduate Student

Every visit, I became more pain free!

"I went to KPT with unbearable pain in my left hip area... the exercises started to give me relief immediately. The hands-on treatments were just what I needed."—Caregiver for Disabled Husband

I am so thankful.

"When I first was referred to [Kentwood Physical Therapy], I was a dancer in the heat of competition season with extreme lower-back pain. Despite the severity of my pain, KPT got me ready to perform in no time."—Ballet Dancer

I owe my new life to the gang at KPT.

"I tried five other clinics over a three-year period before I went to KPT. From my first visit, I knew they were different. I now have a productive life, and I no longer take Vicodin for pain—none!"—Traveling Salesman

What a relief!

"The numbness in my arm and fingers has completely subsided, and after the first session my headaches subsided, which I had previously been plagued by my entire adult life."—Truck Driver

What Makes Kentwood Physical Therapy a Unique and Excellent Choice for You?


We have been ranked #1 in the state multiple times in patient outcomes and satisfaction in a voluntary study by an insurance company!

As physical therapists, we have created the ideal environment to apply our skills and make us successful at what we do. This, in turn, creates patients achieving the highest possible goals who are greatly satisfied with our work. Listed here are some reasons we are unique:

  • No delegation of your treatment to other personnel.​​ We do not utilize physical therapy assistants or aides. 100% of your treatment will be delivered by a licensed physical therapist.
  • No overlapping nor double-booking of your treatment.  ​You will not be forced to share your treatment time with any other patient. You will be working with your physical therapist for 100% of your treatment time.
  • Excellent hours. We are here early and late to accommodate all shifts and schedules.
  • Continuity of care. ​You will not be bounced from therapist to therapist. You will have one primary therapist you will work with almost every visit. There can be a few exceptions such as vacations and schedule difficulties.
  • Our staff is extremely well trained. We invest in an average of one hour per week for in-house training, where we present new research, discuss complicated cases, and review hands-on techniques. We also routinely take continuing education classes on the latest methodology.
  • We are extremely cost effective. ​We believe our visit charge is considerably less than the averages of physical therapy clinics. If you pay a percentage of charge co-insurance, we believe your cost will be substantially less at KPT. If you pay a flat co-pay, we will cost the same per visit as other clinics. In either case, we use our skill level and our 100% P.T. time with you to resolve your issues as quickly as possible, which minimizes patient cost.

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