"I went to see my surgeon yesterday, and his words were 'this is really early, but I am going to cut you loose.'

"He felt, as I do, that my unusual advanced progress was due to my physical therapist. I told him, again, yesterday of your dedicated and personal service, and that he should continue to send his patients to you. I do not need further therapy but do need to continue my exercises and be careful in lifting, etc.

"What I did not tell him, or you, is that I have been a Registered Nurse for 30 years, having worked in rehab, in Petoskey and Charlevoix, the past 4 years. This was in a hospital setting. The reason I did not tell you is that sometimes professionals treat other professionals different, and I did not want this.

"You are far more knowledgeable and professional than any therapists I have ever worked with. In fact, in the few weeks under your care, I learned more than in working with the others.

"The KPT physical therapists really have it together and have a wonderful practice. I cannot thank you enough for the care you gave me. I truly will miss the sessions, but who knows, I may be back. You really made me feel that you cared and were concerned with my progress, and I believe this is why I did so well.

"Thanking you from the bottom of my heart, I am." ~J.S.


"I had back and neck pain most of my life. Every time a doctor sent me to PT, I didn’t like it. PT was a joke. I’d hear about how my back was weak and I needed to drop some weight. Then the PT assistant would put a heating pack on my back and vanish. Maybe 10-15 minutes later they would come back and watch me work out.

"This is not KPT. They take their time and examine your strength and movement. They ask you questions and pay close attention to details. They don’t stop at where it hurts but look at the why and how. They also fix the parts of your body that are working to compensate for your injury.

"What I enjoy about KPT, they don't push me off and have me work with a PT assistant. Every minute I worked directly with one of them. I had fun and got to know both Doug and Adam and consider them friends. They explained what was wrong, what they needed to do to treat me and gave me simple exercises to work on at home.

"They pushed me to get better. Doug would do the same exercises right next to me while I was doing them. He wasn’t sitting next to the water cooler cheering me on; it was motivating to have someone working next to me.

"I walked into KPT looking like someone who came out of a train wreck. It took 2 months, but I’m standing straight and haven’t had a severe headache in weeks. Most important… I feel great. No other PT has been able to do this for me." ~R.F.


"What do I think about Kentwood Physical Therapy? One word sums it up: AMAZING!

"I have been through an awful lot of physical therapy and have never had quite the experience as at KPT. I felt so much better after my very first visit and it only increased from there. I was up to speed before my PT was over and feel better now than I have in years. Their hands-on approach is the best cure in the world… Don’t get me wrong, it’s very painful, but the results are dramatic. I will ONLY ever come to KPT for therapy for any injury I incur—work related or non-work related.

"The staff at KPT are the most kind, generous, spirited people you will ever meet.

"Thanks to you all and I will miss you. Good luck in your new business and I am sure you will be successful—tremendously successful." ~M.B.


"Thank you so much for all this fantastic physical therapy!

"Your skills are impressive! I have been pain-free for over a month.  What a relief! It’s great to get back to all of my favorite activities and not have to worry about pain!

"Glad Mark sent me to you.  Thanks again." ~T.B.


"I want to thank you for all the successful physical therapy you have given me over the past 2 ½ years for my various injuries. When I think how quickly you were able to get me back in motion after each incident: the damage to my knees after each of my 3 falls, the broken toe, the arthritis, the hip and IT stiffness, the pulled muscles, etc. I am amazed—you are a Master Healer!

"You are in the exact right profession, not only because of your expertise in manual PT and vast knowledge of the human body, but because of your ability to communicate effectively with the patient to make sure they understand the source of their pain, the recommended path to wellness, and their responsibility to the process. Your integrity, skill, and perseverance are only surpassed by your compassion for your patients. I experienced all of that first hand. (Yes, I am still doing my stretching and strengthening exercises daily.)

"You have my sincere appreciation! It was hard work, I will miss seeing you, but I am so happy to be back to walking normally again. Thank you for all you did to help me.

"There is no doubt that Kentwood Physical Therapy will continue to grow and succeed given the leadership, advanced professionalism, and strong and capable personal and business ethics that the KPT staff give to the work. I will continue to recommend your services to anyone I know who needs PT." ~J.S.


"Physical therapy is one of the toughest things I have ever had to go through. It was hard to get up extra early every day to do the exercises, but I did it. Some days it was very painful during the sessions when I had big knots in my muscles, but I knew it would get better. When I had a few small setbacks, I was discouraged for a bit but didn’t quit because I was determined to get better. The pain and hard work was worth it because I am almost completely pain-free for the first time in a long time.

"My husband encouraged me to go to Kentwood Physical Therapy and I am so glad that I followed his advice. It is to the dedicated staff at KPT that I owe the biggest THANK YOU I could ever say. My therapist worked with me to get better. I believe he is very blessed with a great talent to heal. He always encouraged me, especially when I needed it the most, and always seemed to know right where the painful spots were and was able to release the knots with those fingers of steel. He gave me just the right number of exercises so I wasn’t overwhelmed. More importantly, he talked with me during the sessions, probably to keep my mind off of those knots he was working out. We had great conversations about our families, dogs, etc. It is very encouraging to have worked with a medical professional who is personable, concerned about patients, and is dedicated to their work and at the same time be so dedicated to their family.

"All in all, I truly believe that Kentwood Physical Therapy is an amazing place to go. It was a great experience and I actually felt a little sad when I was discharged. You have made an impact on my life greater than you will ever know. May God continue to bless you and your families." ~M.F.


"I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did on my shoulder. After 20 years of seeing numerous doctors and specialists, all who told me there was no treatment, therapy, or cure, you were able to make a significant difference in my healing.

"My quality of life is greatly improved because of therapy I received from you. Living with a shoulder I could hardly use, even though it was my dominant hand, was miserable and forced me to learn to do many things with my left hand. You have changed that dramatically. I can now use my right arm for many more tasks than before. I am so appreciative for the amazing work you have done, and will recommend everyone in need of therapy to you and your business.

"I want to be a testimony of how you are different than other therapists, as I have been to at least two other therapists who only made my injury worse. Your approach was different and extremely successful. I am so glad I finally found you, even though it was after all these years! Thank you so much for changing my life."


"After starting treatment at Kentwood Physical Therapy, the numbness in my arm and fingers has completely subsided and after six sessions. My headaches subsided and I have previously been plagued by headaches my entire adult life. What a relief. I would recommend Kentwood physical Therapy without hesitation."


"I came to Kentwood Physical Therapy with some shoulder problems that really limited activities that I used to be able to do. After just a couple of weeks, I am back to throwing like I used to. KPT is a great facility: It's open, clean, and a real friendly, sincere environment. The therapists were very eager to help "straighten" me out and made sure to show me exercises and stretches that I could do on my own time to help the problem from recurring. Awesome place, great people, great results... I will recommend KPT to anyone interested. Thanks guys! Great Work!" ~J.L.


"Thank you for the great treatment I got by you and everyone at Kentwood Physical Therapy. Everyone was friendly and kind.

"I appreciate the thorough evaluation I was given on my first visit and the assurance that you could help me. I also appreciate the physical therapy that brought back the strength and feeling in my left leg. My back and leg always felt better after each treatment.

"I will highly recommend Kentwood Physical Therapy to my friends." ~F.C.


"Dear Kentwood Physical Therapy,

"Thank you so much for offering a great positive atmosphere. When I first hobbled in the staff greeted me with smiling faces. That really meant a lot because it really shows that you all care for all your patients. I came to you guys because I had just had my ACL replaced and needed some rehab done. Working with your therapists was actually a lot of fun. I know it's just part of the job, but I think she enjoyed making me go through all those painful drills. I am so glad she made me do them. Thanks to all of her work, I’m now able to run around again just like I used to. I am very thankful to all of you at Kentwood PT because I felt like part of a family and not just another client. I have and will continue to recommend KPT to anyone who is in need of therapy. Thanks once again for helping me become myself again." ~N.Z.